Victorian Railways - Car Names

This page contains a list of all cars and miscellaneous vehicles that were known by a name.


  1. Some names have been used twice for different vehicles and different purposes. Each vehicle is included separately
  2. Whilst some vehicles have specific categories, they have all been placed by me under the title of 'Special Stock' to keep the data tidy. Most vehicles were "one off's". Some lasted a couple of years whilst others ran the duration of 30+ years
  3. Sometimes the name applied to a vehicle was for traffic use even though the carriage may have been 'On Register' with another identity.
  4. The list is a slightly modified output from my 'Register' program that is logging the histories of all rolling stock 1886-1996

CarName..............       Description........................

Acheron                     Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Adelaide                    Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Albert                      Special Stock
Alexandra                   ( State Car 2 )
Allambi                     VR-SAR Roomette
Angas                       Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Avoca                       Bogie Dining Cars
Avon                        VR Sleeping Cars
Baderloo                    Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Ballarat                    Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Barwon                      Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Buchan                      VR Sleeping Cars
Buffet Car                  VR Buffet Car
Campaspe                    Bogie Dining Cars
Carey                       Special Stock
Chalaki                     VR-SAR Roomette
Clearance Van               Special Stock
Club Car                    B.G. Spirit Of Progress Cars
Coliban                     Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Dargo                       Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Dining Car                  B.G. Spirit Of Progress Cars
Dodge Inspection Cars       Motor Cars / Rail Use
Dorai                       V & SAR Twinette Car
Dynagraph                   Special Stock
Dynamometer                 Special Stock
Edinburgh                   Special Stock
Edward                      ( State Car 3 )
Enterprise                  Special Stock
Finnis                      Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
'Gang Motor'                Way&Works Motor
Glenelg                     Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Goulburn                    Bogie Dining Cars
Governors Car               Special Stock
Hindmarsh                   V&SAR  Sleeping Car
Hopkins                     Bogie Dining Cars
Indi                        VR Sleeping Cars
Inman                       Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Inspection Car              Special Stock
Inspection Motor            Baguley Car
Inspection Car              'Mr Molombys' Inspection Car
Juki                        VR-SAR Roomette
Kiewa (D)                   Bogie Sleeping & Dining Car
Kiewa (R)                   Restaurant Car
Kuldalai                    V & SAR Twinette Car
Latrobe                     V & SA Joint Stock Car
Lecture Hall Model          ( Driver Training 1919-1981 )
Loddon                      Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Lounge Car                  B.G. Spirit Of Progress Cars
Macedon                     VO Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Malkari                     VY V & SAR Twinette Car
Medical & Vision Test Car   VH Special Stock
Melbourne                   Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Melville                    Special Stock
Mildura                     Bogie Sleeping & Dining Car
Ministerial 1               Special Stock
Ministerial 2               Special Stock
Mitta Mitta                 Special Stock
Mitta Mitta                 VR Buffet Car
Mokai                       V & SAR Twinette Car
Moorabool                   VR Buffet Cars
Mount Lofty                 Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Moyne                       Restaurant Car
Murray                      Bogie Parlour Car (12 whls)
Murray                      Bogie Dining Cars
Mururi                      VR-SAR Roomette
Nankuri                     VR-SAR Roomette
Nomuldi                     V & SAR Twinette Car
Norman                      Special Stock
Onkaparinga                 Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Ovens                       VR Sleeping Cars
Overhead Inspection Car     Special Stock
Paiti                       V & SAR Twinette Car
Parlour Car                 Special Stock
Parlour Car                 B.G. Spirit Of Progress Cars
Pekina                      Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Perseverance                Special Stock
Pioneer 1st                 Special Stock
Pioneer 2nd                 Special Stock
Purpawi                     VR-SAR Roomette
State Car 1                 Special Stock
State Car 2                 Special Stock
State Car 3                 Special Stock
State Car 4                 Special Stock
State Car 5                 Special Stock
Steel Bulk Mail             B.G. Spirit Of Progress Cars
Steel CE Van                B.G. Spirit Of Progress Cars
Taggerty                    Buffet Car
Tambo                       Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Tandeni                     V & SAR Twinette Car
Tanjil                      Buffet Car
Tantini                     VR-SAR Roomette
Tarkinji                    VR-SAR Roomette
Tawarri                     V & SAR Twinette Car
Tolkini                     V & SAR Twinette Car
Torrens                     Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Victoria                    Special Stock
Vision Test Car             Special Stock
Wando                       VR Sleeping Cars
Weroni                      V & SAR Twinette Car
Werribee                    VR Sleeping Cars
Wimmera                     VR Buffet Car
Wimmera                     Bogie Dining Cars
Wolseley                    Joint Stock Sleeping Cars
Yankai                      V & SAR Twinette Car
Yanni                       V & SAR Twinette Car
Yarra                       Bogie Parlour Car (12 whls)
York                        Special Stock

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