AB - First/Second Class Bogie Car

In the 1910 recoding the ABAB group were relettered to AB.

This group comprised of carriages with modified interiors to accommodate both First Class and Second Class passengers. Compartments were arranged in various combinations and were not strictly "First Class at one end" and "Second Class the other end" as with some carriage layouts.

There were seventy nine carriages relettered and renumbered in the 1910 coding, one more conversion in 1912 and two more in 1940.

All up, the number group was 1 - 80.

Three interesting carriages were those that came from Joint Stock service. These carriages became AB 78 - 80. They were built as standard 45' cars of the 1890/91 period. The information for these vehicles has been added incorrectly to carriage diagrams which shows them as "Mansard" roof cars. It was only from research at Laverton Public Records Office that data became available. Even the main Register information had recorded the cars as 39'6"; a reflection of Diagram information.

There were continuous conversions to other classes up to 1928. These conversions were to ABC_, _B__, _BC_ and BCM_.

The first scrappings were in 1927. The carriages were scrapped or converted to _WW_ from 1940/41 to 1962.

Vehicle history list

   Photos   for  'AB  '

FileID Description................................................

   CR178 AB - body, Humevale, 1940s, [sIBC]
   CR194 AB - body, gable roofed, water tank, front, Humevale, 2/1967, [oARH]
   CR180 AB - bogie, bogie on stilts, Humevale, 1940s, [sIBC]
   CR210 AB - bogie, white body, with gable roof, Humevale, 1960s, [sARH]
   DE781 AB - Mallee car type, roof vents, Warburton, 1920s, [oPTC]
   CQ243 AB - Recruiting train, Desk car, c1941, [oPTC]
   CQ241 AB - Recruiting train, Interview desks, c1941, [oPTC]
   CQ242 AB - Recruiting train, Medical compt, side 1, c1941, [oPTC]
   CQ240 AB - Recruiting train, Medical compt, side 2, c1941, [oPTC]
   CV846 AB - split body as holiday house, Vaughn, 1/11/1997, [oPJV]
   CR235 AB - white body/gable roof added/sharp, Humevale, 1960s, [sARH]
   AM757 AB - body, Manor, [oPJV]
   AM762 AB - body, Manor, 1996, [oPJV]
   AM761 AB - body, Manor, 1996, [oPJV]
   AM760 AB - body, Manor, 1996, [oPJV]
   AM764 AB - body, Manor, 1996, [oPJV]
   AM766 AB - body, Manor, 1996, [oPJV]
   AM767 AB - body, Manor, 1996, [oPJV]
   AM768 AB - body, Manor, 1996, [oPJV]
   AR727 AB - body, Manor, [oPJV]
   AR728 AB - body, Manor, [oPJV]
   AM758 AB - body, Manor, [sPJV]
   AM763 AB - body 4, Manor, 1996, [oPJV]
   AM765 AB - body 6, Manor, 1996, [oPJV]
   AH860 AB - body as house, Vaughn, [sDMG]
   AH859 AB - body as house, Vaughn, [sDMG]
   AR276 AB - body as house, Vaughn, 1996, [oPJV]
   AR276 AB - body, as house, Vaughn, 1996, [oPJV]
   BA359 AB - car body, Manor, c1994, [oPJV]
   CQ239 AB 3 - RAAF Recruiting train/3cars, Spencer Street, c1941, [oPTC]
   AA538 AB 8, 8/1922, [oPTC]
   AS181 AB 8, 1922, [oPTC]
   AF584 AB 8, c1924, [oPTC]
   AA528 AB 12 - body, ARHS Museum, [oPJV]
   AA529 AB 12 - history board, ARHS Museum, 1989, [oPJV]
   AA533 AB 32, c1925, [oMDN]
   AA537 AB 67, [sPJV]
   AA847 AB 67*, 1925, [oMDN]
   AU491 AB 74, Spencer Street, 1960's, [sFXK]
   AA006 AB 75, [oMDN]
   AW683 AB 75, [oMDN]
   AU290 AB 75, Spencer Street, c1924, [oMDN]
   AA957 AB 75 - Mansard roof, 1925, [oMDN]
   AA530 AB 136 - body (fw), ARHS Museum, [oPJV]
   Diagrams   for  'AB  '

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   BF639 AB - (4 dia inc Mallee type), ex ABAB, [sPJV]
   BF671 AB - (ABAB) 2 dia, [sPJV]
   BF670 AB - (ABAB) 4 dia, 1909, [sPJV]
   BF514 AB - 2 x diagrams, [oDO4]
   BF513 AB - 4 x diagrams, [oDO4]
   BF638 AB - 6 compt, 1908, [sPJV]
   BF638 AB - 7compt, 1908, [sPJV]
   BF668 AB - ABab (4 dia), 1907, [sPJV]
   BF640 AB - American saloon, [sPJV]
   BF638 AB - bogie, 1908, [sPJV]
   AK446 AB - fixed wheel/body, Manor, [oPJV]
   AK447 AB - fixed wheel/body sketch, Manor, [sPJV]
   BF638 AB - JS Mansard roof/std sw-d, 1908, [sPJV]
   AS475 AB - single bogie, [oPTC]
   BF503 AB - 6 compt bogie, [sPJV]

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