TT - Wooden Insulated Van

The TT vans were built between 1889 and 1891 and were numbered 1 - 31.

They were an insulated van with hollow sides and ends. End and side slots allowed air to travel through the walls. Photographs of the vans and the diagrams show roof hatches at each end to allow some air flow.

TT 1 was used in Gippsland as a milk van. Most likely this would have been Warragul to Moe as this section is still dairy farms. TT 31 was modified for fish traffic about six months after being issued to traffic in Jan 1891.

There is a photograph from the 1920's that shows one of the TT's with a stencilled board. The van was used for banana traffic between Albury and Melbourne. This traffic would probably have been by fast mail trains from northern New South Wales to Albury where was transhipped.

Some vans were used as "Baggage Vans" from the late 1920's with most vans getting "passenger type" bogies ( _C__ van type ) between 1941 and 1946. From about 1933, vans were either used as baggage vans or placed into Casualty van service.

There was a derailment at Winton (north of Benalla) in 1939, vans 14 and 17 were damaged. The bodies were scrapped and the underframes re-used. One underframe was used to replace _R__ 11 underframe. R 11 was in overhead maintenance service. The other underframe was used to replace _Q__ 27 underframe, a Pintsch Gas transport.

In 1956/1957 the TT vans were recoded to _BB_, _HH_ and _TP_.


From the 1904 Diagrams Book, there were two types

  1. TT 1 had three single doors per side
  2. TT 2 - 31 had two sets of double doors per side, both close to the middle of the sides

Vehicle history list

   Photos   for  'TT  '

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   CQ749 TT 9 - Banana traffic, white vert lines, roof vents, Spencer Street, c1938, [oPTC]
   DF020 TT 9 - Banana traffic: lettering, vertical stripes, Spencer Street, c1928, [oPTC]
   DF021 TT 9 - detail: lettering/Train Lighting, bogie/chain, Spencer Street, c1929, [oPTC]
   CQ904 TT 9 - lettering detail/bogie, Spencer Street, c1929, [oPTC]
   DF022 TT 9 - lettering: When Dynamo belt is broken ... , Spencer Street, c1929, [oPTC]
   CQ751 TT 9 - Train Lighting Depot lettering, c1929, [oPTC]
   AS300 TT 17 - lever handbrake, 20 tons cap, [sFXK]
   CS086 TT 17 - s1p, lever handbrake, 1900s, [oPTC]
   CQ748 TT 28 - fitted DF bogies, 1950s, [oPTC]
   DF019 TT 28 - s2e1, transverse handbrake/white end square, AC, c11/1933, [oPTC]
   Diagrams   for  'TT  '

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   BF724 TT - 2 dia, [sPJV]
   CP834 TT - GA2944 Arranged for carrying milk , c1891, [oPTC]
   BF551 TT 1 - as Milk , 1904, [oD04]

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