Bogie Ammonia Tank Wagon

In 1942/1943, four tank wagons were placed into service for 'Ammonia' transport.

The tanks were grouped into the Oil Tank number group, numbers 195, 196, 197 and 198. Whilst they are listed as 'Ammonia Tank Wagons' the exact lettering on the wagons is not known.

The four wagons were converted from _E__ wagons by removing the superstructure and the fitting tanks. The E wagons were sold for the conversion, the owners believed to be the 'Ministry of Munitions'.

One wagon, No.195 was restored to normal oil traffic in 1946 and became Oil Tank 195. All four wagons were relettered to _TW_ in 1961. TW 198 was sold to the South Australian Railways in 1968.

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