Liquid Chlorine Tank

These 'tanks' were actually flat wagons fitted for the transport of portable chlorine tanks. The chlorine tanks were metal cylinders about 2.5m long and about 600mm in diameter. Similar type tanks can still be seen today on road transports.

Three wagons were modified in 1939 and one in 1941. The wagons were private owner. They had been sold to ICI, a chemical company, and were modified at Newport Workshops to suit the traffic.

The wagons were converted from _I__ trucks. They were numbered 126, 127, 128, 129. They were placed into the Oil Tank number group but called 'Liquid Chlorine Tanks'.

In the mid 1950's, the wagons were returned to the Victorian Railways. As they were originally sold off, it is presumed they were re-purchased. All wagons were modified to _OH_ cable drum transports, numbers 26, 22, 25, 23 respectively. Inspection of these cable drum transports revealed the remains of cut off fittings unique to these 'tanks'.

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   CP863 OT 126 - Chlorine carrier, ldd, 1950s, [sPHD]
   CP864 OT 127 - Chlorine carrier, handrails,ldd, 1950s, [sPHD]
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