Tar Fuel Tank/Truck

There were two tank wagons known as 'Tar Fuel Tanks'. Other maintenance records record them as 'Tar Fuel Trucks'. The traffic is unknown, the tank design unknown and 'tar fuel' is just as mystifying.

Tar Fuel Tanks numbers 124 and 125 were issued to service in 1946, with correspondence that suggests the traffic was planned for as early as 1944. Both wagons were converted from long wheelbase _I__ wagons.

About 1950 the traffic ceased. No.124 returned to an I wagon. No.125 was converted to a weedex tank and became _WX_ 8858. John Buckland has a photograph of this WX in a 1975/76 'Newsrail'.

The numbers 124 and 125 are part of the Oil Tank number block.

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