ELF - Bogie Open Wagon

For the introduction of through standard gauge working in 1962, the railways built new bogie wagons and started modifying existing stock.

A 50 ton capacity open wagon was designed. The code adopted was 'ELF' and was similar in appearance to a stretched _E__ wagon.

The wagons were built and placed into service between 1961 and 1964. The wagon numbers for ELF were 1 - 79, 91 and 92.

By 1963, the systems were adopting the last letter 'X' to indicate bogie exchange. All the existing ELF wagons were recoded to ELX_ and new ELF wagons entered service as ELX. The recoding took place until the last wagon done in 1965.

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   AF910 ELF - end lettering/black dot, [oAXK]
   AF909 ELF - side lettering, [oAXK]
   AT613 ELF 1 - (RS1534), North Melbourne, c7/1961, [oPTC]
   AT622 ELF 1 - Lettering, LCB stencil, North Melbourne, c7/1961, [oPTC]
   AT616 ELF 1 - Load Compensating ... lettering, North Melbourne, c7/1961, [oPTC]
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