VHHY / VHHF / VHHX - Bogie Grain Hopper


Between 1982 and 1984, one hundred and fifteen bogie covered hopper wagons were built. The wagons were about 24"/60cm longer than the VHGF type.

The wagons were classed VHHY and were numbered 801 to 915. The first three wagons were issued to service in July 1982 as 401, 412 and 414. In August 1982 these wagons were renumbered to 801, 812 and 814 respectively. Wagons issued after this date were numbered in the 800's.

In 1985, VHHY 801 to 812 were modified to open top hoppers and reclassed to VHEY.

In 1990, ten wagons were reclassed to VHHX.


In 1987/1988 the class was relettered to VHHF.

In 1990, twenty wagons were reclassed from VHHF to VHHX.


In 1990, thirty wagons were modified with grade control equipment and reclassed to VHHX. The VHHX group was numbered 700 to 729. Twenty wagons were converted from wagons with VHHF lettering and ten wagons from VHHY lettering.

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