O - VR&SAR Joint Stock Carriages

The line between Adelaide ( South Australia ) and Melbourne ( Victoria ) was finally joined in 1887. Prior to this both State rail systems had agreed to run a jointly funded passenger train between the two capital cities, which were about 600 miles apart.

The class for the stock was designated O. Cars were numbered from '1' upwards. Within the single class there were several types of rolling stock: sitting cars, brakevans, baggage vans, postal vans.

In 1889 two sleeping cars were added, one for each train as it was an overnight service.

Car O.29 was named 'Latrobe' and car O.30 was named 'Hindmarsh'.

By 1897 the travelling public were pressing for toilets to be fitted in the cariages. Up to this point, the train stopped frequently for refreshment and 'comfort' stops. New carriages built by the VR in 1898/1899 ( and fitted with WC's - Water Closets ) were used to replace earlier cars.

The VR were building new express cars from 1906. These style cars were used to replace all the older stock. The old stock was split between each rail system when the Joint Stock portion was paid out.

The class was out of service by 1911.

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