ABC - Bogie 1st/2nd Corridor Car

The fifty eight cars of this class were built between 1899 and 1903. The class letters were 'ABC' and the car numbers were 1 to 58.

The cars were 50'2" over body and featured a side corridor to connect the compartments to central lavatories. The cars were not fitted with end vestibule connections.

In 1908, car _AC_ 12 was modified and lettered to become ABC 59. This car was fiited an end vestibule connection and was placed on the Mildura line.

These cars were placed into service to overcome the problems associated with long train journeys on carriages not fitted with toilets. This car equipment also reduced the number of station stops and hence improved train times.

In the 1910 recoding the class letters were altered to ABL_, car numbers not changed.

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