Rolling Stock Errors

In large operations such as rolling stock maintenance, administration and organisation errors are bound to creep in. Repetition and 'agendas' will always take a toll on smooth operations and planning. This page is a photographic memorial to all those errors found during the years of photography.

No white handbrake symbol

U 418 is missing the white handbrake patch on the lower right of the side, 1976

396 WW

396 W lettered as "396 WW", 1976


WW 112 lettered as "112 W", 1976

BLF with X lettering

BLF 135 with correct number panel lettering but "X" in all diagonal corners, Dandenong, 1976

VOCX 1059

ELX 1059 incorrectly lettered 1056 and corrected prior to service, 1976

VHHY 815 - normal VR arrow side 2

VHHY 815, arrows point wrong way, side 1

VHHY 803 side 1, arrows point wrong way

VHHY 803, VR arrows are painted correctly

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