VPLX - Lime Traffic

In 1989 several VPFX pneumatic discharge flour wagons were converted for lime transport. The traffic area is unknown but is belived to be between Marulan, NSW and Somerton, Vic or Geelong, Vic. At the time there was a specific job requirement for lime to be added to cement batches.

The wagons have been in storage for at least ten years and have just recently been moved to Tottenham Yard, week ending 1/5/2010.

Conversions were:

VPLX 2, 3, 6, converted ex VPFX same numbers 12/1989
VPLX 11 ex VPFX 11 1/1990
VPLX 14 ex VPFX 14 12/1993

Note: Photo by Marcus Wong

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