LAN - 'Southern Aurora' Roomette Car

For the new passenger train 'Southern Aurora' that began service in 1962, Roomette sleeper cars were built. The cars were purchased and maintained as a Joint Stock operation between the Victorian Railways and the New South Wales Railways.

The car class was given as LAN, from the NSWR coding system. Car numbers were: 2344 to 2354, 2372, 2376 to 2378.

The original cars for the service were 2344 to 2354. Car LAN 2372 entered service in 1963.

In 1969 a disastrous collision between the 'Southern Aurora' and a freight train destroyed two locomotives and several cars in the consist. Among the cars 'written off' were LAN 2345, 2346 and 2350.

These thre cars were replaced in 1970/1971 by LAN 2376, 2377 and 2378.

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   AB116 LAN 2345 - wrecked Aurora smash, Violet Town, 1969, [oAGE]
   AM326 LAN 2351, [sPJV]
   CB796 LAN 2354 - on BG, Steamrail preserved, Leitpar, 8/8/1998, [oJAB]
   AB121 LAN 2368*- wrecked Aurora, Violet Town, 1969, [oAGE]
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