NN - Fixed Wheel Side Dump Wagon

Pencilled in to the 1886 records are references to a fixed wheel ballast wagon. The wagon was a side dump type. The wagons were classed NN and numbered 1 - 19. More may have been built but scrapped or removed from service by 1886.

The pencilled references show that the nineteen wagons were built in 1881 at the Yarra Bank Works.

In the consolidation of rolling stock and rolling stock records the wagons were placed in the the _N__ ballast wagon group. In this group they were consecutively renumbered to N 212 - N 230.

As N wagons they were scrapped between 1889 and 1891.

Later diagram books show N wagons with the same numbers. These wagons were purchased from contractors in the 1900's and numbered to fill the gaps.

Currently at Thirlmere Rail Transport Museum, NSW, is a side dump four wheel wagon. Perhaps these NN wagons were of similar design.

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