VZMA - Bogie Hopper Wagon

The VZMA class was recoded from ballast hopper wagons coded VHWA in the late 1980's.

At this time there was also another group of wagons that were not hopper type and coded VZMA. They were in Metrail service for Workshops transfer use.

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   AR656 VZMA 40L- rebuilt body/NN, Bendigo Workshops, 1994, [oPJV]
   AR657 VZMA 46 - lettering, [sPJV]
   AH462 VZMA 57, [sPJV]
   AY106 VZMA 57 - s2, rebuilt body, Yarragon, 20/4/1994, [oPJV]
   AH461 VZMA 67, [sPJV]
   AR658 VZMA 85, [sPJV]
   AR659 VZMA 85 - rebuilt body, Rochester, 1997, [oPJV]
   AX175 VZMA 85N- rebuild body, Rochester, 3/1993, [oPJV]
   AR661 VZMA 86, Rochester, 1996, [oPJV]
   AR660 VZMA 86, [sPJV]
   AX174 VZMA 86F, Rochester, 3/1993, [oPJV]
   AX176 VZMA 86F- lettering/maintenance, Rochester, 3/1993, [oPJV]
   AL524 VZMA 94 - ex E/VOAA, [oGRE]
   AH434 VZMA 100 - ex E, [oRXO]
   AH459 VZMA 136, [sPJV]
   AY106 VZMA 137 - part view, Yarragon, 20/4/1994, [oPJV]
   AF335 VZMA 140, [oBXY]
   AH454 VZMA 144, [sPJV]
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